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Clock Making Kit - 30cm Diameter with Black & White Hands

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Fabriclocks allow you to create a signature piece using your own choice of fabric or covering.

Easy to use, laminate your own covering to the self-adhesive clock face panel and follow the comprehensive step by step instructions.

All that is needed is needed in addition to the kit, is an AA battery and a fabric piece covering of at least 340mm x 340mm to cover the self-adhesive panel supplied. Perhaps choose an exciting fabric piece from our vast range to complete your Fabriclock! Just one fat-quarter piece from our range is enough for your fabriclock project. A few suggested fabrics are on this page, but look at our separate fabric pages for more exciting options!

Our super-accurate quartz movement has a sweeping movement second hand (non-jerking), reminiscent of a traditional analogue movement found in watches from the likes of Rolex, Breitling and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The clock movements are also RoHS approved

They are incredibly reliable and come with a full 12-month guarantee.

The clock hands are made in rigid plastic, not as fragile as aluminium hands and easier to fit.
Each Fabriclock is supplied with two sets of Clock hands in Black and White to coordinate with your design.

What size will my fabric covering need to be?
Your covering needs to be 340mm x 340mm to cover the self-adhesive panel supplied.

What's in the box
1 X Self Adhesive PVC Panel 
1 X Painted Metal Ring
1 X Roll Double-Sided Tape
1 X Finishing Tool
1 X Clock Assembly (includes 1x Rubber Washer, 1x Brass Washer 1x Brass Nut)
1 X Set of Black Clock Hands (1x Short Hour Hand, 1x Long Minute Hand)
1 X Set of White Clock Hands (1x Short Hour Hand, 1x Long Minute Hand)
1 X Second Hand Colour Red
1 X Step-by-step instruction sheet size A4 printed in full colour

Preparation - You will need
    Covering of choice             
    Sharp Knife or Scissors              
    Clean flat working area              
    AA Battery  (Optional)

Clock Assembled Size
300mm Diameter

Cardboard Box Size 34cm x 34cm x 4cm